Case study New group-wide online training series at Provinzial

In August 2022, Provinzial’s sales trainers were faced with a new challenge: the launch management of all new products in the asset protection segment had to be redesigned and implemented within a very short time. The first new product – the private liability insurance 2022 – was ready for sale and until the product launch on October 1, 2022, insurance advisors from more than 100 savings banks had to be trained for it.

Project requirements included, among other terms:

  • A technical solution with a simple registration process that had to be available on very short notice.
  • Reliable software for conducting the online training series that would work smoothly for all savings banks.
  • The possibility of tracking the educational training time with certification of the individual participants – within the framework of IDD.

    Provinzial chose vitero as a partner and together all set project goals could be achieved. The first training series in September was so successful that another training series in the same format took place in November. „We are very grateful for the opportunity we gained by working with vitero inspire to organize and conduct new training series at short notice easily and quickly. This has significantly shortened the lead time for implementing area-wide training courses, and we are very flexible and able to act quickly.” (Felix Mantke, Sales Trainer at Provinzial Versicherung AG)