Patented in the USA: Inspiring virtual environments

Creativity arises in a creative environment. For this reason, companies are creating more and more inspiring workplaces for their employees. Whether comfortable sofas for recreation, colourful rooms for brain­storming or table football in the corridor for letting off steam in between: The environment should create an optimal working atmosphere to encourage creativity and the innovative capability of employees.

If this approach succeeds in the real world – why not in virtual rooms as well vitero inspire offers the optimal conditions to achieve this. In future, it will be possible to adapt the environ­ment and even change it completely at the push of a button. Whether a diffe­rent seating arrangement, a walk in the woods or a fireside chat for two, each environment inspires at a different emotional level. Concentration in a quiet room, re­creation around a campfire, creativity at the waterfall, new perspectives in a circle of chairs – depending on the phase and goal of the virtual event.

The virtual advantage: In contrast to face-to-face events, the environment can be changed as often as required – for the entire group or just a part of it. You start a meeting with a video chat, go into the classroom setting for the collaborative phase, afterwards take a walk in the woods in groups of two for new inspiration, and then present the results on the big stage in the auditorium.

“With the inspiring environments in vitero inspire, we are taking a completely new path in virtual collaboration. In this way, we support our users and companies to develop their full potential even in highly creative work processes and to benefit from digitalisation,” says Dr Fabian Kempf, managing director of vitero GmbH. For further insights in this field, vitero is involved in the research project teamIn – on the effect of virtual environ­ments on team leadership and collaboration. The two patents also confirm vitero’s innovative strength and sustain­ability: While one patent has already been granted in Germany, the idea of inspiring environments has recently been patented for the first time in the USA.