Insurance Distribution Directive IDD – Tracking of educational training time in the insurance sector

The abbreviation IDD refers to the Insurance Distribution Directive that applies to all member states of the EU. The directive brings with it several requirements for the organization and implementation of online training in the area of insurance. Among others, it also includes an obligation to provide further training for employees in customer consulting, contract administration and claims processing as soon as they contribute to advising, brokering, or concluding insurance contracts.  Insurance intermediaries and their employees are required to complete at least 15 hours of educational training time per year to ensure quality and professional competence. The directive became effective in 2016 and had to be implemented by 2018.

Evidence must be provided for the training periods completed, which must also be retained for at least five years. The directive therefore requires accurate tracking of time and certification of training participants.

The vitero monitoring+ module was developed to meet the requirements of our customers in the insurance industry. For the implementation of the IDD requirements, new functions were developed in close cooperation with our customers. The module allows the personalized tracking of the attendance time of the training participants. In addition, it is possible to determine the degree of interaction by awarding credit points. This ensures that only those participants receive IDD points who were actually mentally present. After the training, a certificate can be created automatically in vitero inspire and sent directly to the individual participants. The automatic certificate dispatch was developed together with the second largest public insurance company in Germany – Provinzial Holding AG. According to Mr. Mantke, sales trainer at Provinzial Versicherung AG, this feature “can significantly simplify the follow-up process in the context of IDD and save a lot of administrative effort”.

In the joint case study with Provinzial, you will find out how we designed and implemented a company-wide online training series for advisors from over 100 savings banks in a very short time: