Against the coronavirus Virtualisation helps

Yes, virtualisation is still a solution for dealing with the coronavirus. This is the short answer we give to the many inquiries we have been receiving for some time about remote working, training and meeting solutions. Whether you are already using vitero or are looking for a virtualisation solution for your company, this is where we summarise the most important information for you.

Summary What can I do?

Virtualise all meetings and trainingsvitero has generally been developed for effective collaboration. Check whether the virtual team room is also suitable for other possible use cases in your work environment. Whether online training, customer advice, creative workshops, work meetings or web conferences: Numerous possible use cases exist.
Inform your colleaguesThe workload sometimes makes it difficult to be aware of the requirements of other areas, departments or branches. Do all of your colleagues already know that you are using a virtual collaboration solution? As an expert for vitero, support your colleagues in using the virtual team room.
Use virtualisation on siteIt may sound a bit strange at first, but it is also better to meet virtually on site. Not everyone can work from home. Usually, it is difficult to keep the recommended distance between each other on site. Thus, use the virtual alternative, even if you could meet face to face.
Work from homeThe most obvious solution to reducing direct contact is to work as much as possible from home. It is unusual to meet colleagues only virtually. However, you will quickly find that with vitero, a personal, collegial atmosphere is also maintained when working together.
And above all: Stay healthy!Very important!Not a tip, but our wish for you and your colleagues, close-ones, friends and relatives. Strong cohesion can work wonders at a time like this. Read how we at vitero strengthen the team spirit when working from home.

We understand What can vitero do for me?

We are all affected by the corona crisis in some way. That’s why we understand the importance of fast and flexible support, especially now. Are you looking for a virtualisation solution or are you already a vitero customer and need more capacity? You are welcome to test vitero inspire free of charge or contact one of our customer advisors.