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Beginner course, expert training and support in methodology, didactics or co-moderation – our academy takes your digital colla­boration to the next level. We also offer any training format as group training for your team. Get in touch with us!

For beginners Base module

Completing our base module is the ideal way to prepare for your first sessions. It is also a prere­quisite for subsequently completing one of our advanced modules.

Basic training

1 x 120 minutes
6-8 participants
The basic training is your first step for the effective use of vitero inspire. We show you the basic functions and give you the opportunity to try everything out yourself.

129 €per person

For experts Advanced modules

After completing a base module, you can acquire knowledge in a specific area with an advanced module. We offer training tailored to your role as a trainer, moderator, organiser or supporter.

vitero trainer

2 x 120 minutes
4-6 participants
Learn how to routinely use estab­lished real-life moderation tools and tech­niques in vitero inspire. You will also receive advices on the methodical and didactic design of interactive session.

469 €per person
vitero moderator

1 x 120 minutes
4-6 participants
Aside from using moderation tools, the focus is on various functions for managing group discussions. Ensure more attentiveness and lead even complex meetings to a successful result.

235 €per person
vitero organiser

2 x 90 minutes
4-6 participants
From session booking and inviting parti­cipants to the proper assign­ment of rights and roles to the optimisation of various file formats for the virtual table: Learn how to organise dates, parti­cipants and content easily and effectively.

349 €per person
vitero supporter

1 x 120 minutes
4-6 participants
Learn how to handle typical requests when using vitero inspire. Among other things, you learn how to respond to common enquiries about possible connection prob­lems, access to the room and audio problems.

235 €per person

Support in virtualisation Methodology and didactics consulting

The transition from presence to the virtual world is a chall­enge. Training materials can often not be fully transferred. An experienced vitero expert will help you to adapt your contents to the virtual environment.

Requirement analysisPremeeting: quick revision of basic functions, review of existing mate­rials, recommendation of suitable forms of interaction and testing the implemen­tation in the virtual room.
Technical consultingHeadset, connection, computer performance: Review of the technical conditions in order to take further measures to improve the situation, if necessary.
Optimisation of materialsTips on slide design, templates for certain moderation techniques (e. g. brainstorming and card queries) and evaluation questions.
Tips & supportTips for live online moderation (such as addressing the participants or intro­duction). On request: Co-mode­ration and feedback after the vitero session.

Support in your sessions Co-moderation

If the moderator has little experience or feels insecure, a vitero co-moderator can provide the necessary security. The co-moderator supports you, relieves you and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Clear agreementUsing the virtual room after clear agree­ment on which parts your mode­rator performs (e. g. deletion of gestures, start of interactions, microphone assignment or time monitoring).
With a sense of proportionOur co-moderators can entirely operate the virtual room or parti­cipate as silent observers who only inter­vene in case of emergency. We are happy to give your moderator a detailed feedback after the session.