vitero inspire Outstan­ding features

Fraunhofer research and 17 years of further development give vitero inspire its special functions and features.


Microphone Object

Allocation of speaking rights by passing on a microphone object.

Token Based Moderation

Independent passing on of the micro­phone from participant to participant.

Secure Phone

Telephone dial-in with completely encrypted trans­mission of a persona­lised dial-in code.

Remote Audio Control

Be able to remotely control a partici­pant’s microphone and listening volume by the trainer/moderator.

Text Bubble

Chat post displayed as a text bubble on the author’s avatar in order to enable a direct assignment.

Private/Group Message

Private and group messages can be (de-)activated on a role­ basis. E. g. the chat between participants is prevented, but possible for mode­rators.


Forum parallel to the live session for thematically organised contributions – personalised or anonymous, hidden or open.


Table Metaphor

Avatars are arranged around a virtual table that serves as a presentation and work surface.

Avatar Based

Photo-based avatar including a name tag, status information (e. g. “absent”) and gestures (e. g. “to raise one’s hand”).


“What You See Is What I See” principle: the same image is shown on the screens to all those present or the same actions are displayed.

Anywhere Referencing

Referencing by means of a symbol (e. g. high­lighters) – also outside of the presen­tation area – to functions or objects, e. g. to support partici­pants with operating problems.

Autonomous Role Change

Change of the participant’s role optio­nally possible by the participant himself.

Keyboard Quick Mute

Mute your own microphone for a short time as long as a certain keyboard key or button is held down (quick mute key).

Be Right Back

“I’ll be right back” status: To visualise short absences and avoid uninten­tional eavesdropping by cutting the virtual team room’s audio channel.

Enhanced Gesture Features

Different gestures can be triggered by the participants and deleted centrally by the moderator (e. g. before a query).

Presentation & Collaboration

Easy Start

Easy to start, as the range of functions is largely independent of browser type, end device and installation.

High Config

Highly configurable in terms of functio­nality and security, thus a precise adap­tation to company-internal requirements is possible.

Enhanced Web Service Interface

Web service interface for deep, seam­less connection to third-party software (e. g. LMS) incl. user management, role mapping, single sign-on, content manage­ment and transfer of atten­dance times.

Enhanced Subrooms

Subrooms can be prepared visually and content-wise and can request help via a room message function.

Credit Points

Automatic allocation of credit points based on attendance time and level of interaction.

Corporate Café

Meet in the virtual café around the clock. There are numerous virtual tables available where you can communicate with others.

Virtual Card Method

Movable, customisable, role-based text fields (personalised/anonymous) for conducting open and hidden card-based moderation techniques.

Role Based Overlay Board

Role-based, object-oriented, trans­parent board that can be placed over shared appli­cations or presen­tations to conduct collabo­rative interactions.

Enhanced Session Recording

Deactivatable recording function of image and sound of a virtual session with area selection transparent to all.

Enhanced Rating Elements

Movable, personal stickers for marking and conducting votes or evaluations.

Audio Player

Synchronous playback of audio files via an integrated control function. Pausing, fast-forwarding and rewin­ding possible.

Multiple Windows

Display area can be divided into indi­vidual presentation sections.

Dual Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is possible for two people at the same time.

Enhanced Snapshot

Possibility of photographing the entire room or predefined partial areas.

Video Player

Synchronous playback of video clips via an integrated control function. Pausing, fast-forwarding and rewin­ding possible so that the film shown can be explained at the same time.

Enhanced File Sharing

Making documents available to partici­pants or sharing documents among participants or with the trainer/​mode­rator.


Automatic recording of attendance times of participants with the possibi­lity of awarding credit points based on atten­dance and interactivity of the participants.


SaaS TÜV Certified Data Centre

TÜV certification of the SaaS servers according to ISO 27001 means excellent availability as well as optimal data protection and data security for all European customers.

German Company

Company location exclusively in Germany guarantees the application of the GDPR and the BDSG.

Data Protection

Each participant retains full control over the type and scope of personal data processed by them.

Servers only in Germany

The server location in Germany guaran­tees European companies the appli­cation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the German Federal Data Protection Act.