The next steps Roadmap

We strive to continuously improve your virtual expe­rience with vitero inspire. We are therefore constantly working on new functions to be included in future releases.

Rollout is expected at the end of January 2022 Release 3.3

Barrier freedomBarrier freedom is being further expanded: All menu items are also accessible via the keyboard. The browser zoom is optimised and the font size can also be adjusted in the settings menu.
Moderation chairThe second (left) moderation chair can be deactivated. In this case, it becomes a participant’s chair. The setting is saved past the session.
Webcam imageThe webcam image is also – as with the avatar – equipped with text bubble, gestures, emojis and avatar elements. This is particularly helpful when you are at a zoom level and can no longer see the avatars.
Further under the bonnetMany smaller optimisations that further simplify and improve the use of the virtual team room.