vitero inspire 4 New experiences of live online-communication

Use Atmosphere

Immersive learning experience with the audiovisual ambience feature.

Quiet clinking of dishes, relaxed piano music, a car speeding past the café. This enhances the immersive impression and brings the room to life. Virtuality offers all the possibilities to do this: a cornfield that moves gently in the wind. A holiday beach that takes you to the Caribbean. Unlike in reality, the room can be completely redesigned to suit the training situation or workshop – from a simple blue room for concentrated work to a babbling river for a bubbling exchange of ideas. With the new Release 4.0, you can make almost any communication setting immersive and memorable.

Create Emotions

Emphasize the mood of the moment with audiovisual effects.

How do you make live online communication an experience? With the new release, we are taking it a step further. In addition to the ambience function, which influences the atmosphere of a room, we have brought special effects into the product as a further stylistic device. Special moments can be highlighted in this way. A great success presented in a meeting is visualized and celebrated with fireworks. Small highlights with the confetti rain. An idea that brought enlightenment is visualized with our shower of sparks. A discussion that might be getting a bit out of hand can be calmed down with a small, clarifying thunderstorm. With the new release, vitero offers a selection of effects that trainers can use to emphasize the mood of the moment.

Switching scenarios

Dynamic communication through fast scenario switching – with just a few clicks.

The rearranging and time-consuming set-up of a real seminar room is also eliminated virtually thanks to the extremely simple preparation and operation of different settings. With presets it is possible to start the creative workshop or the moderated or unmoderated web conference with or without webcam image – with just a few clicks. The simple change of the scenario creates a much more dynamic communication, which is actively supported by the virtual room – just as the trainer or moderator would like it to be. The feature will be further expanded with the future release 4.1. It will be possible to save your own settings.