About us We are vitero

vitero stands for virtual team room and is a full-range premium service provider for live online communication. With us, you get everything “Made in Germany” and from one source – from the soft­ware to consulting, training and implementation to customer-specific adaptation.

Formed in 2004vitero GmbH is a German software company created as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO.
Over 50 employeesThe vitero team works with passion and dedication to make virtual communi­cation as simple, effective, realistic and secure as possible.
One third of the DAX 30 enterprisesOur software is suitable for numerous application scenarios and industries. We are therefore pleased that around one third of the DAX 30 enterprises and other leading companies are already using vitero.
Successful and sustainable growthIn the last few years, we have generated an average growth of around 60 % per year.

Our history Where we come from

From the outset, vitero has pursued the goal of assisting users with purposeful, effective communication, regardless of their location, using perfectly fitting software. Various application scenarios and settings were tested with hundreds of subjects.

1998 – ResearchAn interdisciplinary team of usability experts, cognition psychologists, designers and IT specialists at Fraunhofer IAO researched various virtual communication settings using prototypes in several research projects.
2004 – Formation2004 marks the formation of vitero GmbH and the beginning of a suc­cess story. With vitero inspire 1, the scientific findings were incorporated into marketable software for an effective, reliable and secure virtual communication experience.
2007 – The blue roomOver the years, the virtual team room continued to be optimised and expan­ded with special functions and additional moderation tools. The characteristic blue vitero room was created with vitero inspire 3. Furthermore, an increase in turnover of 132% was achieved in the financial year 10/2006 – 09/2007.
2010 – Relaunch of the VMSUser data, learning content and groups can be administered in the VMS. Both session booking and the maintenance of rights, roles and content are handled here. With the redesign, the VMS features web service interfaces and connection options to various learning management systems.
2019 – vitero inspireThe next generation, vitero inspire, was created in the context of rapid web technology development. It is designed for inspiring learning and working as well as the straight­forward exchange of information. This can be both device-independent and browser-based.

Network Partners

We want to share our enthu­siasm for vitero with the world. To do so, we cooperate with numerous research, sales and technology partners – and we are constantly expanding our cooperation.

Mission & Values What we stand for

As a software provider, our goal is to enable effective vir­tual communication. Sustain­able social and ecological activity is an indispensable element of our company culture.

V for visionaryWe take responsibility for the high quality of our software and all services. At the same time, we are accountable for society and the environment: We regularly support numerous projects and engage data centres that operate on green electricity.
I for innovativeWe are innovative in finding solutions to complex problems. In doing so, we adapt our software as effectively as possible to changing conditions such as the digital transformation and new needs of our users.
T for team-orientedTeam orientation defines our daily work. This is based on trust, esteem and respectful interaction among equals – in the course of finding solutions among ourselves and with our customers and cooperation partners.
E for easyOur software’s ease of use always comes first in conceptual design and development. Clarity and simplicity are also what guides us in communication with all our customers, employees and partners.
R for responsiveWe are fast and flexible in implementing the requests of our customers. We are also agile in response to unexpected challenges. In the current pandemic, new capacities were established quickly.
O for openDiversity and individuality are not just important innovation drivers, but also permanent aspects of our company culture. We are open to change and all ideas and opinions, across levels and career stages.

Act sustainably Responsibility for our society & environment

We are responsible for the high quality of our software and all our services. At the same time, we take responsibility for society and the environment: for the operation of our data centres we use 100 % green electricity from renewable energy sources. With every kilowatt hour of German hydro, wind and solar energy, we automatically support the construction of new eco-energy plants.