Tour Welcome to vitero inspire

Use the numerous functions to create lively training sessions, effective workshops and much more. We take you on a tour of our software and show you what makes vitero inspire special.

Personal avatars For everyone present

Each participant is repre­sented by an avatar – with or without a photo as desired. All information such as the role, current status, right to speak, text contributions and much more is displayed directly on the avatar. This allows you to easily maintain an overview of all partici­pants.

GesturesThe following hand gestures are available: Raising your hand, applauding, agreeing or disagreeing.
EmojisFrom a laughing emoji to a question mark – you can express your emo­tions directly on your avatar for more vibrancy.
Speech bubbleShare brief text messages with every­one present using the speech bubble. Shared links are clickable.
MicrophoneThe microphone shows who currently has the right to speak. Alternatively, a spontaneous spoken contribution can be made using the Ctrl key.

The virtual room Feel-good environment for trainings, meetings and more

For ease of access, the virtual team room is based on meeting rooms from reality, indicated by a work and presen­tation area as a table and chairs around it. As in real buildings, subrooms also provide you with areas for working in smaller groups.

The centreThe focus is on the table and chairs in the middle of the room. Partici­pants can sit around the table as avatars.
MenusArrange the room to meet your needs using the configuration menu on the left. All tools are found in the function menu on the right.
Table toolbarAs moderator, you will find functions for controlling the presentation on the table toolbar – directly within reach above the presentation.
SubroomsSpontaneous group work is possible at any time with subrooms. All parti­cipants are free to move between subrooms and the main room.

A central area space for your ideas

The table as a work and presentation surface is the focal point in vitero inspire and is always visible to everyone. Share your screen, present content or play videos – also simultaneously and next to one another on the table.

Window conceptThe window preview helps you main­tain an overview of all media. You can choose what and how much content is displayed side by side.
Screen sharing & presentationsShare individual applications or your entire screen. Alternatively, show previ­ously uploaded presen­tations on the integrated display.
Video & audio playerPlay back a video or audio file synchro­nously for everyone. You centrally control when to stop or pause, what segment to play and the volume.
WebcamsPosition your webcam on, above or next to the presentation or screen sharing. Used correctly, webcams enable more humanity and closer proximity.

Effective and interacitve collaboration Integrated moderation kit

Get all participants involved through interactions and develop content together. The moderation kit offers nume­rous possibilities for collabo­ration.

Card queries and stickersConduct open or concealed, personalised or anonymous surveys or hand out stickers. The number, colour and shape can be changed.
Multiple choice queries Create questions before or during the session and present the results as a diagram with various views.
Audio-visual effectsUse different effects to create emotional moments: the fireworks for a successful project, the shower of confetti for warm congratulations, … This creates shared experiences to remember.
File exchangeMake materials available, permit exchan­ges in the group or receive documents from the participants.

An immersive
learning experience To create atmosphere in the virtual room

Whether on the beach, in the forest or above the clouds – every location creates its own atmosphere. In vitero inspire, you can use the ambience function to select different backgrounds to match the communication event. A total of 16 backgrounds are available, some of which are audio-visual or static, turning your online meeting into an immersive learning experience.

Structured exchange for a targeted communication

Decide how many participants are allowed to speak at the same time, depending on the size of the group and the conversation situation. Vitero inspire offers you different variants for effective communication. It is even easier with the predefined scenarios, the presets, which can be selected with just a few clicks. The scenario can be changed quickly during a session.

ModeratedModerated communication is useful for a large number of participants so spoken contributions can be struc­tured. In order to do so, the mode­rator hands the microphone to the respec­tive parti­cipant.
UnmoderatedGroups with a few participants can often function without a mode­rator. When each parti­cipant gets their own microphone token, all audio channels are permanently open.
Token passingStructured, but without moderation: only the parti­cipant with the micro­phone token can speak, passing it on after they are finished. Only one person speaks at a time.
Push-to-talkSpontaneous spoken contributions are important, especially for methods such as brainstorming. Using Ctrl key allows all participants to contribute their ideas at any time.

Supplementary communication through numerous channels

Different communication channels may be useful depending on the setting. Numerous channels are available to you for communi­cation with the participants.

MessagesEffectively exchange text messages with each other in the room – with specific people or with any subgroup of your choice.
ForumSet up forums for various topics. Espe­cially for large groups, forums are an option for keeping track of things.
Room notificationGroups in subrooms can commu­nicate their status with various icons. This shows you who needs help and who is already done.
BroadcastSend brief messages such as “Only 5 minutes left!” to all participants in the subrooms. The message is promi­nently displayed as an overlay.

Numerous adaptation options for your needs

vitero offers you many possibilities. Design your room, your table and your event exactly according to how you need them.

DesignVarious options are available to redesign the room. Additionally, the module vitero create gives you even more customised possibilities.
ZoomUp to five different zoom levels can be chosen by the participants them­selves or centrally by the moderator – for focus and optimised readability.
Role changesThe person sitting in a moderator’s chair has access to moderation and presen­tation tools. Participants get these rights by changing places.
SettingsMeeting room, video conference, podium, work­shop or webinar: vitero inspire is flexible and can be adapted to numerous communication scenarios with just a few clicks.

Helpful documentation with the key results

Automated documentation saves you time and effort. With vitero, you can easily record the results of your session in a structured form.

vitero recordModulRecord your sessions – entirely or in certain sections. You have flexibility in choosing the recording area. It is transparently identified for everyone.
Screenshots1Take screenshots for your records with the application file. Capture inte­rim results during the session and display them on the table.
vitero monitorModulRecord the attendance of users – anony­mously or personalised. You can also assign credit points for taking part in sessions, optionally according to the degree of inter­action.
Text chat log2For important information in chat: Export text messages from the chat as a CSV file. You have the option of choosing all content or just a filtered selection.