Conversations, experiences and collaboration Live online communication with vitero inspire

With every new release, we will further refine our patented approach to create inspiring learning and communication environments. Building on existing functionalities in vitero inspire, we are constantly increasing the effectiveness and quality of live online communications.

Release preview: Hybrid mode with version 4.2 Intuitive Hybrid Mode

On site, virtually or both at the same time? Each mode offers its advantages, but also challenges.

    Simple handlingScan in, log in and get started – without preparation or complicated procedures. The meeting can start quickly and easily.
    No additional technologyExisting technology in the meeting room can be used. Only own mobile devices for each participant on site are necessary.
    Everyone can participateAll participants – F2F and remote users – have the same options to represent, communicate and interact in the virtual environment.
    Absolute flexibilityIs everyone on site? Or all at home? The simplicity of the solution enables a quick response and thus guarantees absolute flexibility.

    Version 4 of vitero inspire Highlights

    vitero inspire 4.2

    Hybrid modeRegardless of whether the participants are on site or connected remotely: With the hybrid mode from release 4.2, everyone is equally visible and involved in interactions.
    Training room for trainersTo ensure that you as a trainer or moderator are always up to date and fit to use all functions, you will receive a new free practice option from Release 4.2.
    Preset for a quick startFor a particularly quick switch from common web conferencing tools to vitero inspire, we offer the option of starting directly with the familiar presets.
    User experience & ergonomicsWith each release, we make a number of optimisations to further improve the user experience and thus enable even greater effectiveness in virtual sessions.

    vitero inspire 4.1

    Customized ambience & presetsWith the new expansion module “vitero create” you can create your own virtual locations & settings. From the form of moderation to the atmosphere in the room: you get control over ambience, presets and more.
    Freehand drawingDraw, write and paint freehand on the table: over a blank slide, screen sharing or on content – also possible without an app, very simply directly in the browser.
    Webcam recordingRecord webcam streams and replay them directly: The expansion module offers new possibilities for com­munication and language courses, sales trainings, teletherapy and much more.
    Central configurationThe new control area enables the inde­pendent adminis­tration of clients. Define settings centra­lised for each client: password rules, deletion routines, data protection settings and more.

    vitero inspire 4.0

    Audio-visual ambience Use the variety of static or moving room back­grounds to bring atmos­phere to your meetings. Zoom in to see more or less of the background.
    Audio-visual effectsMake emotions visible with effects. Con­fetti rain, fireworks, soap bubbles, and more can be used to highlight spe­cial moments in your live sessions.
    PresetsUse our prepared scenarios. With and without moderation, you can choose your video confe­rences, webinars or work­shops with one click.
    Individual webcam imageCustomize the picture section of your webcam image. The background can be blurred or replaced using the green screen method.
    Audio in screen sharingShare your content including the audio track. The volume can be set centrally for all.
    Simplified moderationGive out the webcams and micro­phones with one click. You can take them back just as easily.
    Advanced reporting gestureWe have graphically updated the reporting gesture. See directly who wants to make the next contribu­tion to the discussion.
    Optimized highlight functionUse the highlighter to show where which functions can be found in vitero inspire. The visibility has been optimized.

    Individual and simple Design learning experiences

    Whether it’s a training room or a little time out in the spring meadow — create your own learning experiences with vitero create! With the new extension, we provide you with all the tools you need to create, save and reuse settings (presets) individually tailored to your topics and occasions.

    Ambience with video & sound Use Atmosphere

    Where do you want to meet: On the beach, in the forest or above the clouds? Each location provides its own atmosphere. Matching your requirements, an inspiring com­munication environment can be created via the ambience function.

    Inspiring effects Create Emotions

    Use audio-visual effects, such as fireworks, confetti rain, soap bubbles and many more to bring emo­tions into your web conference. Use them playfully to create experiences that stay in your memory.

    Practical Presets Switch Scenarios

    We have prepared presets for different appli­cations. It is possible to start the creative workshop or the moderated or unmoderated web conference with or without webcam image — with just a few clicks. And off you go.

    vitero inspire Roadmap Preview of upcoming features

    Awareness soundsHearing more, perceiving more, exp-eriencing more: Thanks to acoustic signals, you get an even better impr-ession of what is happening in the room, e.g. when someone enters the room, raises their hand or writes something.
    Arrangement of live imagesMore arrangements of the webcams on the table: For display above and on the side of the presentation, live images can additionally be arranged in a U-shape or in the often requested circle form.
    Gamification – learning with funPlayful elements loosen things up, increase attention and are fun. Step by step, we enrich the virtual team room with game-like functions.
    User Experience & ErgonomicsWith each release, we continue to work on making vitero inspire a virtual place for even more lively and immersive exchange – for shared virtual experiences and effective communication.