Conversations, experiences and collaboration Live online communication with vitero inspire 4

With the new release, we have further refined our patented approach to create inspiring learning and commu­nication environments. Building on the existing functionalities in vitero inspire, we are taking the virtual experience to a new level. The release will be rolled out step by step in calendar week 42.

Ambience with video & sound Use Atmosphere

Where do you want to meet: On the beach, in the forest or above the clouds? Each location provides its own atmosphere. Matching your requirements, an inspiring com­munication environment can be created via the ambience function.

Inspiring effects Create Emotions

Use audio-visual effects, such as fireworks, confetti rain, soap bubbles and many more to bring emo­tions into your web conference. Use them playfully to create experiences that stay in your memory.

Practical Presets Switch Scenarios

We have prepared presets for different appli­cations. It is possible to start the creative workshop or the moderated or unmoderated web conference with or without webcam image – with just a few clicks. And off you go.

Get started

Are you already curious about the new features and their application possi­bilities? Then you have the oppor­tunity to gain inspiring insights into vitero inspire 4 even before the release date (free of charge).

customer testimonials Thats what our customers say

I think that Release 4.0 will give us even better oppor­tunities to offer very high-quality event formats for our customers.

— Heike Bette, Fresenius Kabi Deutschland

Conventional solutions enable communication, but vitero also enables lively interaction. This is essential, especially for trainings and work­shops.

— Michaela Finkes, DRV Bayern Süd

While conventional solutions allow for communication, vitero also makes lively interaction possible. This is especially important for trainings and workshops.

As a trainer, you keep track of everything and as a participant you don’t get lost. On the contrary, a real group feeling emerges quickly.

— Wilhelm Stock, RWE Power AG

Release highlights Generation 4 of vitero inspire

Audio-visual ambience Use the variety of static or moving room back­grounds to bring atmos­phere to your meetings. Zoom in to see more or less of the background.
Audio-visual effectsMake emotions visible with effects. Con­fetti rain, fireworks, soap bubbles, and more can be used to highlight spe­cial moments in your live sessions.
PresetsUse our prepared scenarios. With and without moderation, you can choose your video confe­rences, webinars or work­shops with one click.
Individual webcam imageCustomize the picture section of your webcam image. The background can be blurred or replaced using the green screen method.
Audio in screen sharingShare your content including the audio track. The volume can be set centrally for all.
Simplified moderationGive out the webcams and micro­phones with one click. You can take them back just as easily.
Advanced reporting gestureWe have graphically updated the reporting gesture. See directly who wants to make the next contribu­tion to the discussion.
Optimized highlight functionUse the highlighter to show where which functions can be found in vitero inspire. The visibility has been optimized.