Rollout 09.03.2022 Release 3.3

Barrier freedomBarrier freedom is being further expanded: All menu items are also accessible via the keyboard. The browser zoom is optimised and the font size can also be adjusted in the settings menu.
Moderation chairThe second (left) moderation chair can be deactivated. In this case, it becomes a participant’s chair. The setting is saved past the session.
Webcam imageThe webcam image is also – as with the avatar – equipped with text bubble, gestures, emojis and avatar elements. This is particularly helpful when you are at a zoom level and can no longer see the avatars.
Further under the bonnetMany smaller optimisations that further simplify and improve the use of the virtual team room.


The new release 3.2 of vitero inspire is available to you as a cloud customer. Especially for moderators, we provide help­ful new functions: You can look forward to freely nameable side rooms, the cross-room chime and much more.

Rollout from 25. – 29.10.2021 Highlights

Subroom namingSubrooms including the main room can be named freely. To reduce the effort, suggestions for city names, mountain names and river names are already integrated.
Delete speech bubblesThe moderator can delete all speech bubbles simultaneously or indivi­dually. To do this, the speech bubbles can simply be removed by drag & drop.
Filtering option in the group selectionParticipants can filter by group/event name and group ID. System admini­strators (On Premises Licence) have the additional option to filter by client name and users.
Gong across roomsThe trainer (vitero role team leader) can trigger a gong to notify partici­pants in all subrooms. In this way, in addition to the already existing possi­bility of text-based simultaneous communication in all subrooms, the end of a small group work, for example, can also be indicated auditorily.
Member linkIn the group view in the Vitero Manage­ment System, a so-called member link is now additio­nally displayed, which authen­ticated users can use to directly access the room of the group – if booked.
Delete files?When leaving the session, trainers (vitero role team leader) are asked whether files made available via file exchange should be deleted.
Number of microphone tokensThe maximum number of available microphone tokens can be freely set between 1 and 12. If, for example, you select the value 1 and click on a partici­pant avatar to give him or her the right to speak, the microphone token is automa­tically moved from the speaker before – if the token is still there – to the current speaker.
More mouse with remote controlVia the vitero application file, the person showing can transfer the remote control right to a partici­pant during screen sharing. This function has been exten­ded to the effect that the mouse wheel as well as the right and middle mouse buttons can now also be controlled remotely by the remotely controlling participant (via the vitero application file and the browser).
Remove participantsThe trainer (vitero role team leader) can remove individual participants from a session. In doing so, he or she can determine whether the partici­pant’s access to sessions of the group should be perma­nently denied, if necessary.
Under the bonnetVarious other improvements.

Rollout on 09.08.2021 vitero inspire 3.1

HighlightStorage of room settings across the session:
Referencing (shape, colour & orientation), webcam (insertion of names, resolution), room (seating, design & settings for the table bar), subrooms (number, activation room message), attendees (name tags, activation push-to-talk, automatic token allocation, settings for moderation rights), forum (status, topics), messages (activation), session recorder (recording area).
Further improvementsOptimisation of the quality of audio, screen sharing and live images via a webcam. The refresh function can now also be used in the Mozilla Firefox browser. Simplification of the screen sharing menu: When dialling in via browser, (co-)moderators receive the sharing dialogue of the respective browser directly with a click on the icon in the moderation case or on the table bar. Personal selection of whether live transmission via webcam is permanently permitted for the current session or must be confirmed for each request.

Rollout on 03.05.2021 vitero inspire 3

With the major release 3, vitero inspire now offers you more freedom and possibi­lities than ever before. The new window concept, the expansion modules vitero custom design and vitero audience+ are just a few of the numerous innovations.

New in Release 3 Our highlights

Flexible window concept on the table
Split multiple windows on the table at the same time. You can “stack” or arrange them next to each other. Additionally, a preview in the function menu helps you to maintain an even better overview.

Up to 12 webcams simultanously
Activate 12 live images at a glance. Particularly practical: arrange the webcam images flexibly – on, next to, above the presen­tation or without a presentation. Even if a presentation is open, all activated live images are always displayed in parallel for everyone present. The size of the live images can be changed as desired. According to the ergonomically based “What You See Is What I See” concept, all participants see the same. This prevents misunder­standings and unintentional disclosure of privacy.

Further new features of vitero inspire

16 languages availableThe virtual team room is now available in the following languages: English, German, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish.
Five designs for every roomWould you like to change the background effect of the virtual room with one click? In addition to the blue standard design, team leader can switch spontaneously between a silver, dark, meadow, and parquet design.
File exchange in the roomExchange files directly in the room. Provide your participants with materials or allow the exchange of documents in the group. Highly practical for exams: Participants can also send their results “hidden” only to the moderators or trainers. The file exchange function can be activated by the client administrator.
Preparation in the roomAs a group leader, enter a room, even if it is still locked. Thus, you enter the room before anyone else and can prepare. For example, you can easily create your presentation and upload files.
Team leader rights for participantsUpon customer request, vitero can set up to automatically provide participants with team leader rights when switching to the moderator’s seat. Please contact your consultant for further information.
12 microphone tokensThe number of microphone tokens is increased to 12. This means that up to 14 people, including the co-moderator and moderator, can communicate in the so-called free hand mode. Of course, the push-to-talk option is still available for all participants.
New additional webcam token: live image without audioMicrophone, webcam and combination tokens: The three tokens insted of the previous two offer even more flexible moderation options. Actively distribute speaking rights in order to structure discussions. Depending on the token, the participant is displayed with a live image.
Automatic allocation of microphone, webcam and combination tokensThe virtual team room can now be configured so that the speaking right, the webcam image or both are assigned to the participants directly when they enter the room.

Expansion modules

vitero custom designYour room in your design: With this expansion module, numerous customer-specific adaptations are possible. Adjust the background image, gradient, light effect, font colour and your own logo as a watermark on the table using the custom design editor in the room.
vitero monitoring+ now
with interaction trackingUpdate
Also include the degree of interaction when awarding “credit points”. Card, points and multiple-choice questions are taken into account. Define the level of interaction from which the participants will receive further training points.
vitero audience+ 100/200Use vitero for big events. Depending on the license, up to 80 participants can communicate interactively via Screen Sharing and webcams. Additionally, 200 audience participants (more upon request) can watch the event live. The limit of 10 avatar participants is removed.