Made for you Compo­nents for your individual solution

Build your virtual room entirely according to your needs. We offer a number of expansion modules, licensing models and much more to realise an optimal solution for you.

A strong foundation Basic module: vitero inspire+

Our basic module vitero inspire+ is included in every package. For the basic functions, certain system requirements are needed. Here you can get detailed information. You are also welcome to ask our experts your questions directly.

Audio-visual ambience

Select static or moving backgrounds to bring atmosphere to your meetings.

Audio-visual effects

Confetti rain, fireworks, bubbles, and more can be used to highlight special moments in your live sessions.


Use the presets to select common settings with one click and switch the settings quickly in a session.

Sophisticated moderation concept

Moderate your online meeting alone or with a co-moderator. With one click you can distribute speaking rights and webcams.

Media display

Present your content centrally in the room. Multiple windows in parallel are possible as well.

Gestures, emojis, text bubbles

Use gestures and emojis for greater vibrancy. Like the text bubble, they are displayed on the avatar.

Virtual subrooms

Spontaneously form small groups. All participants can independently move between subrooms.

File exchange

Provide materials in the room and receive files from your participants.

Forum & messages

Communicate on specific topics through forums or write messages in the room.

Card query

Distribute text cards to be filled out. The mode­rator or participants place these on the table.


Use personalised or anonymous stickers, for instance to let the partici­pants evaluate content.

Webcam images and streams

Customize the background of your webcam image invidually and show the webcam streams in parallel with your content.

Multiple choice queries

Create questions before or during the session and present the results on the table.

Highlighter function

The WYSIWIS principle allows you to easily point out certain functionalities with the highlighter in the meeting.

Audio & video player

Select your file in the integrated video player menu and play it synchronously for all participants.

Screen sharing

Share individual browser windows, selected apps, or your entire screen, including the audio track.

Additional functions as needed Expansion modules

Adapt vitero inspire even more closely to your appli­cation settings with our expansion modules. The modules can be combined.

vitero audience(+)Expand your room for up to 200 viewers who can follow your event or get invol­ved – for example, in forums or multiple choice questions.
vitero session recorderDocument the entire session or certain sections with a video recording (in the compatible MP4 format). The scope can be chosen and is trans­parently displayed for all.
vitero event managerThis module simplifies event planning and organi­sation. Participants can register using a form and automati­cally receive login information.
vitero custom designDesign the look of your room with your logo, colours and background. The changes can be made directly in the room.
vitero monitoring(+)Record attendance times – anony­mously or personalised. The module can be expanded to assign “credit points” based on the degree of interaction.
Further DetailsYou can find more in-depth information and details in our product features. If required, customised adaptations and extensions are also possible.

Your rooms, your control Licensing models

From personal room to defined open room: Different licensing models may be suitable for you depen­ding on the number of participants and the required rooms. We are happy to help you choose.

Corporate RoomDecide how many virtual rooms can be used by your organisation at the same time – also across companies. A room booking tool helps to manage the rooms.
Concurrent UserEstablish the number of users that can be online at the same time in increments of 100. This is the pre­ferred licensing model for organi­sations with many simultaneous users.
Named ModeratorGet your own, personal room and invite your participants, for instance with the Outlook add-in. The room is opened to participants as soon as you are present.
Corporate CaféThe many conference tables in the cafe can be used at the same time, with no reservations. This makes them suitable for things such as informal meetings or spontaneous arrangements.

Server site Hosting & security

You are free to choose where to host your data: We offer hosting on our servers in Germany at our partner Cronon or alternatively on your own servers.

Software as a Service (SaaS)Your data are processed on our leased servers in Germany, in compliance with the GDPR. Your software is thus always up to date. You get a flat rate through a rental license.
On premisesServer hosting is entirely with you, so you retain control. You buy a one-time purchased license with a main­tenance contract for updates. We look after installation on request.

Act sustainably Responsibility for our society & environment

We are responsible for the high quality of our software and all our services. At the same time, we take responsibility for society and the environment: for the operation of our data centres we use 100 % green electricity from renewable energy sources. With every kilowatt hour of German hydro, wind and solar energy, we automatically support the construction of new eco-energy plants.


vitero connectors support the inte­gration of vitero inspire with nume­rous learning management systems (LMS). Users simply log on to the LMS. Users, groups, content and dates are also adminis­tered in the LMS. There are already 20 vitero connetors to learning management systems. Further are being planned. Please contact us for further information.

Thin Client Citrix

vitero inspire is perfect for use in Citrix environments and has been certified accordingly by Citrix. The certification can be used in the following versions:

XenApp 7.0
XenApp 7.1
XenApp 7.11
XenApp 7.5
XenApp 7.6
XenApp 7.6 LTSR
XenApp 7.7
XenApp 7.8
XenApp 7.9

XenDesktop 7.0
XenDesktop 7.1
XenDesktop 7.11
XenDesktop 7.5
XenDesktop 7.6
XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR
XenDesktop 7.7
XenDesktop 7.8
XenDesktop 7.9