Teamwork in digital workshops and seminars Online workshops with vitero inspire

In webinars or workshops, practice-oriented topics are worked on digitally in teamwork. In order to successfully develop something new together, creativity, motivation and concentration are necessary. Professional live online communication with vitero inspire offers many features. The virtual room is designed in such a way that all participants are encouraged to actively participate and contribute. The energy and attention are kept high, so that the interactive workshop leads to the goal.

Numerous interaction toolsCard queries, stickers, surveys, forums and more.
Creative atmosphereChoosing the right ambience to create inspiring environments.
Virtual subroomsWorking in small groups by switching to subrooms.
Intuitive designEasy to get started with the intuitive user interface.

Creative online workshops in vitero inspire Interactive collaboration in the virtual room

In the industry and training sector, there is a variety of formats that are being used to teach contents. In professional training or further education in academies, the workshop is a commonly used format. Its benefits are the practice-oriented approach and the active contribution of all participants. Working out the results together is in the centre of attention. In vitero inspire the focus lies on the techniques used in presence, which have been optimally transferred into virtuality.

Collaboration tools in the vitero room

Card queryEasy collection of ideas and feedback followed by disclosure & discussion – either anonymous or personalised.
StickersMovable, personalised or anonymous stickers to highlight and conduct votes or evaluations.
Multiple choice queryEasy implementation of spontaneously created or prepared surveys in the room with presen­tation of the results.
Messaging functionsFree exchange between all participants of the workshop via the forum or via the text chat in the vitero room.

Activating & varied design

Role changeHanding over the moderator’s seat to the participants for an easy presen­tation of the elaborated results.
Spontaneous mood pictureVisual expression of emotions, approvals, objections, applause and more via gestures & emojis.
Audiovisual ambienceSelection of a relaxing or activating room background – according to the current work phase.
Avatar & webcamRepresentation of the participants as avatars with photo, name & status and optionally also with live image.

Virtual application of creativity techniques

Mind mappingCollaboratively develop a mind map through screen sharing or via card placement directly in vitero inspire.
Brain writingDistribution of cards to all participants or use of the forum for a written collection of thoughts and ideas.
BrainstormingAllocation of the speaking right to all participants for a verbal exchange and immediate discussion.
Expert adviceMore creative techniques and advice for the virtual implemen­tation directly from our experienced experts.

Customer testimonials

While conventional solutions enable communication, vitero also enables lively interaction. This is essential, especially for trainings and workshops. As a trainer, you keep an overview and participants do not zone out. On the contrary: a real group feeling is created quickly.

Wilhelm Stock
RWE Power AG

The features of the tool are very convincing. But just as important for me is the engagement of the vitero staff. And that is exactly what makes vitero outstanding. Constructive, personal and focused. You don’t just buy a program, but the entire support of a competent team.

Ralph Möllers
LBS West

vitero is a very good tool to interact, to exchange ideas, to make queries and to change methods.

Heiko Schmidt
Audi Training Handel Deutschland

Other special features of vitero inspire

Data privacyEach participant retains full control over the type and extent of their personal data processed.
Scientific backgroundThe vitero One UX concept is based on research at Fraunhofer IAO and is constantly being further developed.
Professional consultingIntensive introduction to the functions of vitero inspire and support in organizing interactive seminars.
Capturing the resultsPossibility to take enhanced snapshots of the entire vitero room or predefined parts of it.

Hybrid mode in vitero inspire Online and face to face efficiently combined

For the efficient implementation of hybrid settings, we have developed an intuitive solution in vitero inspire. The hybrid mode allows you to easily get started with the hybrid meeting and to effectively collaborate between on-site and online participants.

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