Interactive teaching in the virtual classroom Live e-learning with vitero inspire

Whether training in companies, online courses, lectures at universities or training and further education in educational institutions – the demand for professional e-learning offerings is increasing in a wide variety of areas. An important component for live e-learning is a virtual classroom that can cope with the diverse training approaches and learning concepts. Vitero inspire convinces with a wide range of functions, interaction and application options.

Intuitive user interface Quickly find your way in the vitero room.
Customizable moderationDesign learning units in a structured & effective way.
Easy change of mediaUse of different media and methods directly in the room.
Competent didactics consultingGet consulting und trainings from our e-learning experts.

Current situation Digitization in the education sector

The multiple advantages of virtual learning are obvious. Educational offers, further education, courses of schools or faculties, can be realized location-independently and for a large number of participants. Trainers, teachers, lecturers as well as students or learners can meet virtually – whether for a short teaching talk or for detailed instruction. Learning content can be conveyed in a simple and varied manner through e-learning platforms. Participation and access are flexible and possible from anywhere in the world – locally, nationally and internationally.

Live e-learning with vitero inspire Create immersive learning experiences

vitero inspire provides an immersive learning experience. The advantages of a live online communication platform are used. Disadvantages of online teaching are cancelled out by the well-thought-out teaching concept.

Easy collaboration and integration

Research based backgroundThanks to the Fraunhofer-researched ergonomics, users quickly find their way around the virtual room of vitero inspire.
Real World metaphor Trainers and participants are arranged around a virtual table that can serve as a whiteboard, pinboard, video screen or presentation area.
WYSIWIS conceptEveryone sees the same in the virtual room. Transparency and atmosphere are comparable to a face-to-face situation.
LMS connectionsvitero connectors enable the seamless integration of vitero inspire into numerous learning management systems (LMS).

Interactive design of your events

Use of methodsCard queries, sticky dots, polls, forums & more, allow you to make your event interactive.
Virtual side roomsFor ideal group work, small groups can be formed spontaneously and moved to side rooms.
ModerationDiscussions and Q&A sessions can be structured through the targeted allocation of speaking rights.
Flexible roll changeFunctions and rights are intelligently bound to roles. However, they can be passed on flexibly if required.

Documentation and monitoring

vitero recordRecord your sessions – the recording area can be chosen flexibly and is marked transparently for everyone.
vitero monitorThe attendance times of your participants can be recorded – either anonymously or personalized.
Awarding of credit pointsCredit points may be awarded for session attendance and additionally based on the level of interaction.
ProtocolDuring a session, screenshots can be taken, and message histories can be exported from the text chat.

Customer references from the e-learning sector

vitero inspire offers online exactly the learning environment we want to create for our students. The tool was developed not only from a technical-digital approach, but above all from a scientific one.

Tessel Jarigsma, Salta Group
Tessel Jarigsma
Director of Professional Education,
a Salta Group division

“Our participants find the virtual classroom design particularly helpful because it connects to their learning biographies. It feels like a real classroom: all participants can talk to each other and to their instructor, share and edit work results on the virtual whiteboard, and retreat to adjoining rooms for group work.”

Katrin Witte
IBB Institut für Berufliche Bildung AG

Main advantages at a glance

Data protectionEach participant retains full control over the nature and extent of the personal data.
Easy handlingEasy to start, as functionality is largely independent of browser type, end device and installation.
“What You See Is What I See”“What You See Is What I See” principle: All those present are shown mostly the same image.
Remote Audio ControlA participant’s microphone and listening volume can be remotely controlled by the trainer/moderator.

Hybrid mode in vitero inspire Online and face to face efficiently combined

For the efficient implementation of hybrid settings, we have developed an intuitive solution in vitero inspire. The hybrid mode allows you to easily get started with the hybrid meeting and to effectively collaborate between on-site and online participants.

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