Researched concept and effective implementation Video conferencing with vitero inspire

The broadcast of one’s own webcam image can simplify live online communication if it is used in a well-directed way. Nevertheless, the use of one’s own webcam image should be well thought out. As a trainer, speaker or coach, switching on the webcam is particularly recommended, e.g. for greetings, farewells and to introduce oneself. For intensive 1:1 or small group discussions, on the other hand, the live image transmission should usually be used more frequently. Therefore, different approaches can be taken for different occasions – whether for regular online meetings from the home office or in the office, with customers or business partners. Through a high-quality transmission and the possibility to design the webcam image, it is possible to strengthen cooperation on a personal and at the same time professional level.

Use of webcamsDue to the selective use of webcams you can bring more humanity and closeness into online meetings.
Smooth switchSwitch to different settings, distribute webcams and collect them with just one click.
Expert consultingOur experienced consultants support you individually and precisely to meet your requirements.
Data protectionWith our high data protection standards, participants retain full control over their personal data.

Video conferences with vitero inspire More than just meetings with webcam

The vitero inspire video conferencing solution enables effective collaboration and easy coordination between employees, customers and service providers – whether for presentations, meetings, trainings or workshops. The moderator can activate the webcams centrally or specifically to individual persons with one click. Give your virtual meetings, online events, webinars or online workshops a personal touch and strengthen the group’s sense of belonging. Body language, reactions and facial expressions become visible to all – thus the exchange can take place on a more personal and interpersonal level. The recording option allows important training or discussion content to be recorded.

Numerous application scenarios

Virtual coffee breakA spontaneous online meeting via the vitero café can be personalised with the help of webcams.
Hybrid meetingsVia the video transmission the participants can see at a glance who is present in the meeting room.
Online workshopsUse live images in intensive small group discussions for the joint elaboration of topics.
Online trainingsSelective use of webcams to set thematic focus – e.g. for greetings or farewells.

Individual design

Simple adaptabilityIntuitively adjust the size and arrangement of the webcams combined with several media.
Spontaneous feedbackGestures, emojis & speech bubbles are displayed both on the avatar and directly on the live webcam image.
Audio-visual ambienceSelection of a relaxing or activating room background – to complement the respective work phase.
Practical pre-settingsUse of the predefined scenarios – presets: start conferences, webinars or workshops with a few clicks.

Researched concept

Individual image croppingIndividually crop the displayed section of the webcam live image and thereby hide unwanted areas.
Professional backgroundThe virtual background can be blurred in two stages or replaced using the green screen method.
Moderated speaking rightsThe microphones can be distributed individually or together to all or specifically to individual participants and be collected with just one click.
Structured webcam allocationVia the webcam token, webcam sharing can be specifically assigned to individual participants in order to ideally organise a conference.

Customer testimonials

If there were any initial technical problems, they were solved at short notice by vitero’s excellent support. But also when it came to consulting, data protection or contractual aspects – the communication was open and respectful – as equals. Constructive, individual and goal-oriented. You don’t just buy a programme, but the whole support of a competent team.

Ralph Möllers
LBS West

Thanks to its Fraunhofer research background, vitero is specially designed for virtual learning and can be used for a variety of settings and contents. To overcome the classic challenges of didactics and communication, the tool offers very easy-to-use tools such as card queries, multiple-choice surveys, sticky dots as well as structured communication channels via messages, forum, room message, announcement in the subrooms and much more, with which lively training sessions, effective workshops and interactive online training sessions can succeed.

Johannes Kühborth
Finanz Informatik

Other special features of vitero inspire

Technical consultingWe consult you on the configuration and integration of vitero inspire into your company’s IT landscape. On-site or remote server installation is also possible.
Individual customisationsIf required, we can implement customer-specific adaptations for you. In this way, you can tailor vitero inspire precisely and flexibly to your requirements.
Connection to LMSUse your existing learning management system (LMS) in connection with vitero inspire. Thanks to numerous connectors the transition between the systems is seamless.
Web service interfaceIt is also possible to connect vitero inspire to other systems. With the web service interface, it can be docked to any software.

Hybrid mode in vitero inspire Online and face to face efficiently combined

For the efficient implementation of hybrid settings, we have developed an intuitive solution in vitero inspire. The hybrid mode allows you to easily get started with the hybrid meeting and to effectively collaborate between on-site and online participants.

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