Free test session You have to experience it!

In our free test session, we present the special features of vitero inspire. In addition to the presentation of the software, you will experience the numerous functions live in the room and can directly test them yourself.

Test login Why test as part of a group?

vitero is optimised for virtual communi­cation and collabo­ration. Interaction cannot be experienced alone. The lively and human atmos­phere that sets vitero apart from other solutions and makes it unique develops only in a group.

Interactions in the groupAs part of a group, you are directly involved in various interactions. Thus you get to know many functions inter­actively.
A tour by expertsOur consultants lead you through the software step by step and answer your questions. There is time to try things out together.
At a glanceYou experience not only functions in the test session. Ideas for possible appli­cations are also provided along with tips & tricks for virtual sessions.
Free & with no commitmentWe offer our test sessions free and without any commitment on your part. We look forward to your parti­cipation.

INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION vitero inspire in 60 minutes

Take part in a test session and learn everything impor­tant about vitero inspire. Aside from an introduction to the software, you experience nume­rous functions live in the room.

Introduction in viteroThe test session is held in vitero inspire. Get to know the room and numerous functions.
Live demoThe presentation of the software is interactive by design. You can also test some functions your­self.
ConfigurationOur consultants introduce you to the options for the individual configu­ration of vitero inspire.
Time for questionsSufficient time to address open items is left at the end of the session. We are happy to answer all your questions.