vitero inspire Your solution for live communi­cation

With vitero inspire, you have every­thing you need for effec­tive online collaboration. An established research base and more than 20 years of further development make vitero a universal software, suppor­ting all common browsers and countless fields of application.

Live e-learning & trainingWith vitero’s ergonomic interface, virtual learning becomes accessible for all. Create highly inter­active learning exper­iences and inspire your partici­pants.
Web & video conferencingVirtually coordinate with colleagues, customers and service providers. From presentations to workshops, vitero enables effective collaboration.
Home office & mobile workWith vitero, your colleagues are always just a few clicks away. To use the vitero cafe, for example, “Let’s meet in the cafe” is all you need to hold a sponta­neous meeting.
Online eventsNumerous interactions and flexible presentations make your live or hybrid event an experience. Inspire your audience with lively events that make an impression.

Research-based background More efficient, intuitive & human thanks to Fraun­hofer research

The screens and realistic atmosphere in the virtual room are the result of research conducted by the Fraun­hofer Institute for Industrial Enginee­ring IAO. vitero’s One UX concept is a unique approach to straight­forward and natural virtual communication.

Real world image

The reality-based design is highly accessible. Already familiar concepts can thus be directly and intuitively used in the virtual room.


Everyone sees and experiences the same thing in the virtual room. This results in transparency and a colla­borative atmosphere comparable to a face-to-face situation.


The presentation of the interface is virtually identical, regardless of the device or operating system – even on small smartphone displays, thanks to intelligent solutions.

Role-based functions

Functions and rights are intelligently tied to roles. However, there is flexi­bility to transfer them and they are equally available to everyone when needed.

As individual as your needs One room, endless possibilities

With vitero, the transition between different settings is fluid. Turn the webinar room into a video confe­rence, the lecture hall into a place for intimate conversation, the virtual class­room into a virtual meeting place with just a few clicks. We are happy to advise you and show you how to get the most out of vitero.

Collaborative & interactive Participating instead of watching

Being actively included helps you remember what you have learned. Achieve lasting success with your partici­pants with the help of the collaborative and interactive elements in vitero.

Numerous functionsCard queries, stickers, surveys, forums – design your interactive event.
Virtual subroomsPerfect for group work: Spontan­eously break up into smaller groups, each with its own subroom.
Flexible change of rolesAllow a participant to take a seat next to you, thereby granting them presen­tation rights.
Structured moderationNo confusion: Use a virtual hand-held microphone to grant the right to speak.

Technology for the future For easy access

More than 20 years of development experience of multi-user environments make vitero an ideal partner for web-based and synchro­nous live communi­cation. We give you reliable, high-quality techno­logy that meets the latest standards.

Browser-based1 loginDive in: Use vitero inspire directly through familiar browsers – Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.
Current technologyConsistent development based on the HTML5 & WebRTC standards guaran­tees the highest quality, flexibility and future viability.
For virtually all devices1Easily use vitero on Windows, Mac, Linux or Citrix. Both Android and iOS-based smartphones and tablets are supported.
Similar range of functions1In the app or in the browser: You have largely the same functions and same presentation.

German data protection Security for your data

To ensure the maximum security of your virtual communi­cation, we work strictly according to data protection provisions appli­cable in Germany and the EU.

German companyvitero GmbH is bound by the GDPR and the German Federal Data Protection Act.
Based in Germanyvitero GmbH has no branches in other European countries or outside Europe.
Servers in Germany for all European customersThere is no transfer of data to redun­dant systems outside Germany.
TÜV-certified data centreOur data centre in Berlin is TÜV-certified accor­ding to ISO 27001.

Act sustainably Responsibility for our society & environment

We are responsible for the high quality of our software and all our services. At the same time, we take responsibility for society and the environment: for the operation of our data centres we use 100 % green electricity from renewable energy sources. With every kilowatt hour of German hydro, wind and solar energy, we automatically support the construction of new eco-energy plants.

Compare! Outstanding features

We offer functions and features that will inspire you.

Table Metaphor

Avatars are arranged around a virtual table that serves as a presentation and work surface.


“What You See Is What I See” principle: the same image is shown on the screens to all those present or the same actions are displayed.

Anywhere Referencing

Referencing by means of a symbol (e. g. high­lighters) – also outside of the presen­tation area – to functions or objects, e. g. to support partici­pants with operating problems.

Microphone Object

Allocation of speaking rights by passing on a microphone object.

Virtual Card Method

Movable, customisable, role-based text fields (personalised/anonymous) for conducting open and hidden card-based moderation techniques.

Role Based Overlay Board

Tansparent board that can be overlaid on screen sharing, presentations, and webcam images to perform collaborative interactions – role-based and object-oriented.

Easy Start

Easy to start, as the range of functions is largely independent of browser type, end device and installation.

Enhanced Web Service Interface

Web service interface for deep, seam­less connection to third-party software (e. g. LMS) incl. user management, role mapping, single sign-on, content manage­ment and transfer of atten­dance times.

German Company

Company location exclusively in Germany guarantees the application of the GDPR and the BDSG.

Servers only in Germany

The server location in Germany guaran­tees European companies the appli­cation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the German Federal Data Protection Act.

Data Protection

Each participant retains full control over the type and scope of personal data processed by them.

SaaS TÜV Certified Data Centre

The data center used, located in Berlin, has TÜV certification in accordance with the international standard ISO 27001.