Extension modul vitero certify Efficient organisation of your online trainings

In order to simplify the organisation, administration and follow-up of online training formats, we offer you many new automation options with our extension module vitero certify.

The basis is formed by the module vitero monitor, which allows you to record the attendance time of your participants anonymously or also personalised for e.g. trainings in the context of IDD.

Based on this, vitero certify enables the automated calculation and awarding of credit points on the basis of attendance times or additionally on the basis of the degree of interaction of the participants. Since release 4.1, you now also have the option to design participation certificates individually and company-specific and to send them automatically to the individual participants.

Awarding of continuing education points

In addition to recording attendance time, “credit points” can be awarded based on the level of interaction.

Company-specific certificates of attendance

The templates of the certificates can be customised to match your own corporate identity.

Automated dispatch of certificates

The individualised certificates of participation can be sent automatically to the individual participants.

Fulfilment of IDD verification requirements

The certificates are stored in our database and serve as proof of compliance with the IDD at any time.

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