VMS Version 11.2 Customised management options

vitero configure Erweiterungsmodul

Company regulations, data protection guidelines or specifications for the organisation of learning, such as the definition of standard values for different training formats – these conditions change again and again, sometimes sporadically, sometimes more frequently in short time intervals.

For a quick, simple and independent adjustment of your individual settings – e.g. after a new works council agreement – since release 4.1 we offer many new options for the simple and automated administration of your clients.

With the current version of the Vitero Management System (VMS version 11.2), the client-specific configurator is now available. It is available to all customers with the extension module vitero configure. In the submenu system configuration you will find more than 100 parameters that you can set and adjust according to your needs.

Client-specific settings

The adjustable parameters include password rules, deletion routines, data protection settings or default values for session booking.

Independent system adjustments

Administrators can change these numerous system settings themselves via the extension module vitero configure, without having to go through our support.

Direct accessibility

Even if the extension module has not been licensed yet, all setting options can be viewed in the Vitero Management System.

Customer-specific services

In addition to the extensive customisation options, we can also provide you with customised development services if required.

Further information on our extension modules: