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module landscape in vitero inspire

In the course of the release 4.1 of vitero inspire we have restructured and extended our module portfolio. Proven extension modules to the basic package vitero inspire + were included in the new structure with a new name, some modules were additionally extended and the module vitero configure was added for the first time.

We have listed in detail how the names have changed and which new options are available to complement the basic module vitero inspire +.

vitero create
(formerly „vitero custom design” extended)
Background image customisation, colour gradient, light effect, font colour and your own logo as a  watermark on the table. Creation and storage of your own ambience and presets that can be  distributed and reused at any time.

vitero record
(formerly„vitero session recorder” extended)
Integrated tool for audiovisual recording of meetings. Prepared for post-production by saving in MP4 video format. Explicit recording of the webcam image in order to discuss the recording together in the session.

vitero certify
(formerly „vitero monitoring+” extended)
Based on vitero monitor. Additional functions: automated calculation and awarding of credit points based on attendance times. Degree of integration can be measured optionally (IDD). Certificates of attendance can be automatically created, individually designed and sent directly.

vitero extend
(formerly „vitero audience”)
Expansion to 100 or 200 viewers (more on request). Spectators are not represented by a photo avatar. Feedback option via text chat, multiple choice queries and forum.

vitero monitor
(formerly „vitero monitoring”)
Registration of attending participants and – depending on the license model – also the utilisation of  the system. Delivery in two variants possible. Anonymous or personalised data collection.

vitero configure
(new module for the VMS – from version 4.1)
Client-related, global parameters can be freely defined. Data protection, data security such as password rules and much more.

You can find more in-depth information and details in our product features (page 17 ff). If required, customised adaptations and extensions are also possible.