Software and didactic consulting from vitero Web conferencing & Virtual Classroom Made in Germany

vitero inspire is much more than just a software for information exchange. It creates learning and communication venues for joint, virtual and interactive exchange.

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Just like reality – only betterInteraction options, a well thought-out moderation concept and a
variety of media such as chat or forum are integrated in our tool.
The results can be documented directly.
Wow-experiences with effectWe create proximity despite virtuality by using effects and room back­grounds. The intuitive interface makes it possible to concentrate on the essential – the exchange with each other.
20 years of experience in advanceWe rethink workshops, online events, e-learning applications, but also classic web- and video- conferencing. In doing so, we incorporate our experience of over 20 years of research and practice.
Safe, safer, TÜV-certifiedThe security of your data is at least as important to us as it is to you. We can directly address your concerns with our security concept and our on-premises offer.

Choice of Customers

Holistic approach vitero as a full-range provider

Together with you, we will find the exact solution that fits your needs and support you in implementing your ideas. We are at your side as experts in methodology, didactics, IT, security and communication.

Our software: vitero inspireThe core of our service portfolio: vitero inspire. With vitero inspire, you have everything you need to collaborate effectively and interactively online.
Professional Project supportWe take care of you: Our team of experts advises you on specific projects, e.g. the introduction of our software in the company or in a new department.
24/7 Support (DE/EN)Whether you need assistance during a session or answers to technical questions: Our support team will ensure that your live session runs smoothly at any time.
Trainings for the ideal applicationWe train you in vitero inspire and in all aspects of methodology and didactics in the virtual room. The trainings are individualised to your roles and deployment settings.

Free test session Get to know vitero inspire

Are you interested in taking a look into the vitero world?
In 1 hour you can get to know our platform as well as our experts – not binding and free of charge.

Testing in the groupOnly in the group the human and lively atmosphere is created, which differentiates us from other solutions and makes us unique.
Try it out yourselfThe software presentation is interactive. There is time to try it out, discover and test it together.
Experts presentOur experts present the options for individual configuration. You will also receive ideas on possible applica­tions as well as tips & tricks for virtual meetings.
Time for questionsQuestions can be asked and ans­wered directly. This allows us to respond to your individual requirements and explain our portfolio.