Secure, GDPR compliant & high quality video conferencing Data protection in the virtual space

With the data protection agreement between the EU and the US, it is difficult to keep track: what applies at the moment, what does not apply at the moment and how long can I rely on the agreed regulations? So at the moment there is not only a lack of planning certainty for formal GDPR1 compliance, but also no sustainable protection of your sensitive and valuable data. But how can decisions be made, such as the selection of software, that depend on a secure legal situation? Quite simply: by selecting software that is fundamentally developed, hosted and used in accordance with the highest data security rules.

Data protection agreement and data security Current developments

The increasing relevance of data protection and data security is nowadays beyond doubt and has been proven by numerous studies. The following overview describes some challenges of the current state and legal situation.

Legal uncertainty despite data protection agreementSince the “Privacy Shield” data protection agreement between the EU and the US was overturned in 2020, the legal situation has been uncertain. Only now, since the middle of 2023, an agreement has been in place again with the “Data Privacy Framework”, but no one knows how long it will last.
High losses due to industrial espionageTo date, the damage caused by industrial espionage is estimated at 223 billion euros per year in Germany2 alone. As the incident at the wind power company Enercon3 has shown, the American secret service is also involved in this industrial espionage. So it is not only about data protection, but also about data sovereignty.
No sufficient protection against unauthorised accessThe Patriot Act allows US authorities such as the NSA or the FBI to access the data of US companies and their subsidiaries abroad without restrictions. Even though the Data Privacy Framework currently ensures formal compliance with the GDPR1, the Patriot Act remains in place.
Increasing number of cyber attacksThe figures in Bitkom Research’s Economic Security Report 20224 make it clear how important IT security is. Around 84 percent of the companies surveyed were affected by theft, industrial espionage or sabotage in the last 12 months. The majority of these attacks are increasingly shifting into the digital space.

Data protection and data sovereignty for secure video conferences We provide the solution

Regardless of currently valid agreements, we at vitero always work according to the highest data protection standards. You can count on the fact that data sovereignty always remains with you and that your data is permanently protected from access by third parties. In order to assure our customers sustainable legal security, we at vitero, as a German company, work with servers certified according to ISO 27001 and located in Germany. The high quality and extensive integrated functions in vitero inspire can be used to the same extent in cloud and on premises solution. You do not have to choose between quality and data protection. With vitero inspire, we combine both in one solution – without compromises, for your secure video conferences.

Our solution for high data protection

On premises and SaaS solutionWe offer both options with the highest data protection requirements and at the same time with full functionality – without limitations.
Server location GermanyThe servers used by vitero GmbH are located in Germany. There is no data transfer to redundant systems outside Germany.
TÜV certified data centreThe data centre used, located in Berlin, has TÜV certification in accordance with the international standard ISO 27001.
German companyThe vitero GmbH, a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute, is as a German company subject to the GDPR1, the BDSG5 and the TTDSG6 without any restrictions.
Headquarters in GermanyThe headquarters of vitero GmbH is located in Germany. There are no subsidiaries in the US – and thus no dependency on the “Patriot Act”.
Data protection related settingsRole-based access with defined rights as well as company password rules and deletion routines can be set individually.
Secure dial-in optionsThe dial-in to a vitero inspire session via telephone occurs with fully encrypted transmission of a personalised dial-in code.
Secure meeting linksFor a high level of access control for vitero sessions, the session codes are created randomly and with a minimum length by default.

Customer reference on data protection

„As a federal organisation with security tasks, we have high requirements regarding security and server location. When we decided to use vitero, we were particularly convinced by the excellent support and data protection provided by vitero.“

— Matthias Korth, Technisches Hilfswerk

Frequently asked questions

Hybrid mode in vitero inspire Online and face to face efficiently combined

For the efficient implementation of hybrid settings, we have developed an intuitive solution in vitero inspire. The hybrid mode allows you to easily get started with the hybrid meeting and to effectively collaborate between on-site and online participants.