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vitero inspire Release 4.2Design your own learning experiences21. September 2023

With the new extension module vitero create, we provide you with all the tools you need to create, save and reuse settings individually customised to your subjects and occasions.

module landscape in vitero inspireModular structure7. September 2023

In the course of the release 4.1 of vitero inspire we have restructured and extended our module portfolio. Proven extension modules to the basic package vitero inspire + were included in the new structure with a new name, some modules were additionally extended and the module vitero configure was added for the first time.

Case Study: Virtual classroom and real world methodology27. June 2023

Together with us, the Salta Group was able to convert face-to-face teaching to online within just two days and offer it via vitero inspire.

vitero at the LEARNTEC 202331. May 2023

This year, our trade fair appearance at LEARNTEC was once again a complete success! Our new exhibition booth provided the right setting for an all-round successful event.

Case Study MOTUL und viteroCase study: pilot project with MOTUL16. March 2023

Our pilot project with MOTUL was concluded and was a complete success! The task was to implement the technical classroom training in an online training concept. At the same time, the proximity to the customer should not be lost.

Case study: New group-wide online training series at Provinzial7. March 2023

In August 2022, Provinzial’s sales trainers were faced with a new challenge: the launch management of all new products in the asset protection segment had to be redesigned and implemented within a very short time.

Tracking of educational training time within the context of IDD2. March 2023

The EU directive brings with it several requirements for the organisation and implementation of online training in the field of insurance. Among others, it also includes a training obligation for insurance intermediaries and their employees.

Award in Hybrid learning - Daimler Truck and vitero GmbHeLearning AWARD 2023: Daimler Truck and vitero23. January 2023

The jury of the eLearning AWARD 2023 has awarded us together with the Daimler Truck AG for the winning project “C-Sales Truck 3.0”. We are very pleased about the joint award in the category Hybrid Learning.

Research project - a culture-sensitive blended learning approachResearch project INWICA9. December 2022

A culture-sensitive blended learning approach for international professional training was designed within the research project INWICA.

FOCUS Growth Champion 2023We are Growth Champion 202310. November 2022

According to a survey by FOCUS in cooperation with Statista, the vitero GmbH is one of the top 20 fastest-growing companies in Germany in the IT, internet, software & service sector.

Screenshot der Webkonferenz Software vitero mit einem Sandstrand Hintergrund und einer Krabbe im VordergrundNew experiences of live online-communication22. September 2022

Quiet clinking of dishes, relaxed piano music, a car speeding past the café. This enhances the immersive impression and brings the room to life. Virtuality offers all the possibilities to do this …

Case Study with the THW22. July 2021

Erdbeben, Hochwasser, Gefahrgutunfälle – bei Katastrophen sind die Frauen und Männer in blauer Schutzkleidung schnell vor Ort. Rund 80.000 ehrenamtliche Helferinnen und Helfer aus 668 Ortsverbänden sorgen beim Technischen Hilfswerk (THW) weltweit für den Bevölkerungsschutz.